Vacuum Gas Oil

Vacuum Gas Oil

Vacuum gas oil (VGO) is a type of crude oil that has been processed in a vacuum distillation tower. The vacuum distillation process removes impurities from the crude oil and results in a product with a higher API gravity. VGO is typically used as a feedstock for further refining processes such as catalytic cracking and hydrocracking.

Für was wird Gasöl verwendet?

Gasöl ist ein Treibstoff, der in Dieselmotoren verwendet wird. Es ist ein Gemisch aus verschiedenen Erdölprodukten, die unter hohem Druck und bei hohen Temperaturen destilliert werden. Das Resultat ist ein klares, leicht flüchtiges Öl, das sich leicht mit anderen Ölen vermischt.

Was ist Gas Oil?

Gas oil is a type of petroleum product that is used as a fuel in many different industries. It is a refined product that is made from crude oil and it has a wide range of uses. Gas oil can be used as a fuel for vehicles, as a heating fuel, and in many industrial applications. It is a versatile product that has many benefits over other fuels.

Ist Diesel ein Gasöl?

Diesel is not a gasoline. Diesel is a type of fuel used in compression-ignition engines, typically diesel engines. Gasoline is a type of fuel used in spark-ignition engines, typically gasoline engines.

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Woher kommt Gasöl?

Das Gasöl ist ein unverdünntes Mineralöl, das hauptsächlich aus n-Butan und Isobutan besteht. Durch raffinieren von Erdöl wird das Gasöl hergestellt. In Deutschland wird das Gasöl vor allem in der Landwirtschaft und in der Industrie eingesetzt.


Overall, vacuum gas oil is a versatile product that can be used for a variety of purposes. It is a key ingredient in the production of gasoline and diesel fuel, and can also be used as a heating oil or lubricant. While there are some environmental concerns associated with its production and use, vacuum gas oil is an important part of the global energy economy.