Vacuum Advance Distributor

Vacuum Advance Distributor

A vacuum advance distributor is a mechanical device used in internal combustion engines to modulate the timing of ignition events. The vacuum advance unit is connected to a manifold vacuum source on the engine. As the engine’s load increases, the manifold vacuum decreases. The vacuum advance unit increases the timing of the ignition events in response to the decrease in manifold vacuum, which advances the ignition timing. This advance in ignition timing allows the engine to run more efficiently at higher loads.

Can you run a distributor without vacuum advance?

No, you cannot run a distributor without vacuum advance. The vacuum advance is what provides the advance timing that is necessary for the engine to run properly. without the vacuum advance, the engine will run too slowly and will not have enough power.

Do all distributors have vacuum advance?

No, not all distributors have vacuum advance. Many older model vehicles did not come equipped with this feature, but it is becoming increasingly more common in newer models. Vacuum advance is designed to improve engine performance and fuel economy by advancing the spark timing when the engine is under light load. When the engine is under heavy load, the vacuum advance is disengaged to prevent the spark timing from advancing too far and causing engine knock.

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What happens if my vacuum advance doesn’t work?

If your vacuum advance doesn’t work, your engine will run less efficiently. The engine will have to work harder to suck in air, and it will produce less power. Additionally, your fuel economy will suffer, and your emissions will be higher.

How much timing does vacuum advance add?

The vacuum advance can add a significant amount of timing to the engine, depending on how much vacuum is present in the engine. If the engine is idling, there will be less vacuum present and the vacuum advance will add less timing. At higher engine speeds, there will be more vacuum present and the vacuum advance will add more timing.


There are many different types of distributors on the market, but the vacuum advance distributor is one of the most popular. This is because it is very easy to install and it provides a great deal of power. It is also very reliable and it is not susceptible to wear and tear.